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Thursday, 5 February 2015

"A Question of Vision" exhibition and photo project, Leicester

Brian Negus, a photographer from Loughborough, Leicestershire,  has launched a new project around visual impairment and photography in Leicester.

The project, "A Question of Vision" was launched yesterday, 4th Feb 2015, at the Vista Shop in Hotel Street, off Horsefair Street in Leicester with an opening reception.

Some of Brian's work is being exhibited at the shop until 24th February, so this is a rare chance to enjoy some fine photographs by a photographer with sight loss.

And there's more. At the reception, a number of young people with sight loss were given cameras so that they can pursue their own photographic projects, with help and advice from Embrace Arts, Leicester. A second exhibition will appear at the end of the project of the young people's work.

More information on Vista's Facebook page.

Brian has also given an interview to Radio Leicester , and I understand that we can expect a full feature in Saturday's Leicester Mercury.

I find it exciting that our interest in photography is getting some traction in the mainstream media.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

3112 Last Light of 2014

The last light of 2014, reflected in the weir on the River Soar near to the National Space Centre in Leicester.

And that, dear readers, is the end of my 365-day photo project. In this blog there is one photo for every day of the year, actually taken on that day. When I set out, I didn't know if I'd make it this far, but I did!

I won't be repeating the experience, however. It's proved to be in some ways pleasurable, but in other ways to be a form of self-torture. Only one photo ended up here, but often I have taken 100 or more during the day. In fact, I note with some alarm that I've saved and edited just shy of 13,000 photos this year. I've learned a great deal, and no doubt can rework more of this material in slide shows and additions to my Flickr photostream.

Thank you very much for tuning in, and if you bookmark this page, you may well find that it later contains some writing about my experiences as a blind photographer.

Happy 2015 to all!
Vince Thacker

Sunday, 28 December 2014

2812 My Nocturnal Visitor

One of next door's cats decided that a chair in my living room was much more comfortable than wondering around in the frost.